Figure 5.

Means ± SEM of the sizes of the hippocampal intra- and infrapyramidal mossy fiber projection (IIPMF) and the numbers of working-memory (WM) and reference memory (RM) errors committed in an 8-arm radial maze with only 4 arms containing a food reward. Animals were tested during 10 days, one trial per day. Numvbers of errors shown are cumulative error counts on days 3–10. Upper panels: Spatial task. Lower panels: Non-spatial task. Left panels: Working-memory errors. Right panels: Reference memory errors. Note the different scales in the upper and lower panels, the non-spatial task obviously being much easier for the subjects.

Crusio and Schwegler Behavioral and Brain Functions 2005 1:3   doi:10.1186/1744-9081-1-3
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