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NF-kB inhibition (lawrence Helson, 05 January 2012)

This is an interesting study. As a complementary study, it may be worthwhile treating this murine poly-i poly-c model with iv curcumin, another NF-kB inhibitor more commonly available and used by many people.These data strongly suggest, and are a compelling argument against using curcumin in early pregnancy in people. read full comment

Comment on: Song et al. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 7:50

duplication of one reference (GHADA TAHA, 18 August 2011)

During the production process we discovered that reference number 32 is the same like reference number 34 and it was too late to cancel one of them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. read full comment

Comment on: Hassan et al. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 7:28

relationship between cognitive dysfunction and dental health (anthony bryant, 17 February 2011)

Assuming that dentists, dental hygenists and other health care professionals have good oral hygiene, it would be expected that this group would also have fewer problems with cognitive impairment.
May I suggest that testing elderly dental professionals would be a method of confirming your findings? read full comment

Comment on: Okamoto et al. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 6:77

Correction (Ombretta Mameli, 17 February 2011)

In the paragraph B.9.5, 9th line, TMnu has to be substituted with Trigeminal Ganglion (TG). read full comment

Comment on: Mameli et al. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 6:69

EIQ version used - Minor correction (Dan T.A. Eisenberg, 21 March 2008)

An astute reader pointed out a minor point of confusion in the manuscript. The Eysenck Impulsivity measure (EIQ) used in this manuscript is that of the 1978 citation:Eysenck SBG, Eysenck HJ: Impulsiveness and Venturesomeness - Their Position in a Dimensional System of Personality Description. Psychol Rep 1978, 43(3):1247-1255. We did not use the specific EIQ measure in the other citation: Eysenck SBG, Pearson PR, Easting G, Allsopp JF: Age Norms for Impulsiveness, Venturesomeness and Empathy in Adults. Pers Individ Dif 1985, 6(5):613-619. Hope that clears up any confusion.Dan Eisenberg read full comment

Comment on: Eisenberg et al. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 3:2